Ideal for quick interventions by professionals or individuals


Finally an autofill tool for professionals! Installed in a skimmer to allow cleaning work, or at the edge of the pool up to a depth of 2.5m (gradual filling of the liners), the NivOmatic Pro will quickly become indispensable.

Level adjustment: clip the supply pipe into the notches provided. Simple, precise, effective!*


Delivered in a sturdy 27 x 22 x 8 cm case which also serves as a support, the NivOmatic Pro can be easily stored in a professional vehicle, in the workshop or in a swimming pool technical room.


Contents :

  • 1 triple function case: transport / support and adjustment / shock protection
  • 1 NivOmatic control box
  • 1 x 3ml hose with 3/4″ female threaded end
  • 1 male quick coupling
  • 1 strainer seal 3/4″ (turbid water / drilling water)
  • 1 spare EPDM membrane


Installed in one minute, put away just as quickly, NivOmatic Pro has been designed for maintenance professionals. Easy to store in a technical room, its discretion and efficiency will also appeal to individuals.

Thanks to its 3ml of pipe, NivOmatic will also be able to complete the buffer tanks very easily. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice , we will study with you the possibilities of adapting the NivOmatic level regulator to your pool.


Sold for €149, your NivOmatic Pro will very quickly prove to be ESSENTIAL!!! …


CONTACT US: ⇒ Many professionals are discovering the NivOmatic and understand its interest: flexibility of use, versatility, very high reliability, easy maintenance… They sell it in stores, install it under the gratings of their automatic covers or in their ponds, etc. Simple device, without electronics, NivOmatic does not break down! You are a professional, you want to know more about our products and our pricing conditions: send us an email and we will contact you (be sure to indicate your address, telephone number and SIRET). See you soon !

* NivOmatic and NivOmatic Pro are patented devices, the brand and models are registered


– NF valve tested to 200,000 cycles – from 0.5 to 8 bars – quick connector supplied – 3ml of anti-UV reinforced NivOmatic hose – Replacement EPDM membrane – 2-year warranty under normal conditions of use –