The NivOmatic ® automatic water level regulator fills your pool in complete safety.

NivOmatic removable

Régulateur de niveau automatique NivOmatic installé sur margelles avec alimentation tuyau d'eau

NivOmatic fixed

NivOmatic Pro

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Connected to the hose, placed on your coping, NivOmatic fills your pool to the right level. Go in peace!

COMPLETE KIT for hassle-free filling

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A NivOmatic and three supports for clever installations: in a skimmer, under a grating, in a buffer tank, in a filtering block, on beaches, etc. …. Customize your setup!

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A NivOmatic in its carrying case , which also serves as a support. Fill, put away, it’s over! For professionals on construction sites, or for storing in the technical room…

  • Maintains the water level of your swimming pool:
    • Automatic filling
    • Protects your equipment (pump, automatic cover)
    • Prevents accidental overflows
    • Discreet and aesthetic (“Observer du Design” label)
  • Installs at any time:
    • Existing pools
    • New constructions
    • Renovations
    • Access and maintenance over time
  • Fits all pools:
    • Traditional pools, polyester, wood
    • Composite panels, metal pools
    • Above-ground, in-ground, infinity pools
    • Pleasure ponds, tanks, fountains…

*A constant water level is essential for the proper functioning of the immersion alarms

15 years of experience, more than 6,000 units sold: the NivOmatic automatic water level indicator is renowned for its reliability. Swimming pools for individuals, hotels, physiotherapy, communities, municipal fountains, etc…

NivOmatic is also used daily by professionals for their watering and maintenance work. It will save your time and money.

– Patented devices, trademarks and registered models – NF valve tested to 200,000 cycles – from 0.5 to 8 bars – quick coupling supplied – – NivOmatic anti-UV reinforced hose – 12m supply kit option – spare parts tracking – 2-year warranty – and depending on models: bilingual assembly instructions / unique OFF function to monitor the watertightness of the pool / 3 adjustable fixing brackets –

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