Director of a company specialized in security systems for swimming pools, I had the opportunity to meet with over 1,000 pool owners, individuals and professionals throughout France.

Most raised a problem : regulation of the water level in their pool. Either they had not thought to equip their pool with an automatic system during the construction, or the system sealed in the pool surroundings was broken and could not be repaired except at great expense. The solutions they found were not satisfactory, take a garden hose in the pool and wait for several minutes, or to program an alarm (but it never beeps at the right time) … Most times, an oversight had cost them several cubic meters of water, and a flood !

However, filling the swimming pool to the right level is a comfort and safety factor : evaporation, splashing wastes several liters each day, and if the level is low, it can lead to damage of the expensive technical elements, such as the filter pump, a pH control sensor or even an automatic cover, for example. I have seen many owners who have experienced loss by neglecting this maintenance operation, or being absent a few weeks from home …

So I decided to design, patent and bring to the market a universal filling system for pools, fountains, hot tubs and other ornamental ponds. A system that can be installed permanently in all pools, including infinity pools – and remains accessible for maintenance and servicing. But also a simple system that can be installed to fill, every week for example, your pool.

Here is how this product was designed in 2008 :

Today, eight years after its introduction t the market, NivOmatic has sold several thousand units in more than twenty countries. Professionals, public swimming pools, care pools (spa, physiotherapists), hotels) use it daily and are satisfied with its reliability.

You too can benefit from our experience. Equip your pool for more comfort and greater safety !