The automatic water level regulator NivOmatic can be delivered with all the accessories for a permanent or removable installation.

Régulateur NivOmatic en traversée de paroi regulateur niveau eau remplir piscine bassin automatique nivomatic

The water level regulator NivOmatic can be installed in a water outlet, placed under the decking of an automatic cover for example. A special support is included in the kit. This water outlet can also be used as an overflow system, see drawing below. Your automatic cover is fully secure, and the water leveller NivOmatic can be removed at any time for maintenance, which is not the case for the other traditional regulators.

water level reguator NivOmatic placed in a skimmer

water level reguator NivOmatic placed in a skimmer (2)

water level reguator NivOmatic placed in a skimmer (the skimmer basket can be removed easily)

The water level regulator NivOmatic can also be installed in a skimmer, thanks to its small dimensions. The feeding pipe can be placed in the overflow (see drawing below). The installation can be obtained by adapting the triangle support (316L stainless steel), or by using the special water inlet support.

The triangle support of the NivOmatic can also be attached to the underside of the skimmer cover : photos taken by a satisfied customer !

NivOMatic couvercle skimmer 01



The skimmer basket can be cleaned by removing the NivOmatic box. A NivOmatic water pipe can be provided (optional), allowing for passage in a flexible sheath. It is best to feed the NivOmatic using a dedicated water tap :


The water level regulator NivOmatic can also be placed in most filtration blocks, already installed or being installed. Use the triangle support, which can be cut and adjusted. We can advise you, don’t hesitate to contact us. The fixed installation pack includes a 2m long feeding pipe and a 3/4″ standard connection. Following your requirements, we can also provide a 12m long feeding kit. The NivOmatic remains invisible, and ensures a secure water level.

NivOmatic installé dans un bloc filtrant

Régulateur NivOmatic dans un bac-tampon

NivOmatic can also be installed in an infinity pool. The support cut to the necessary dimensions can allow for large range of heights. This photograph was sent to us by a client, delighted to have found a solution to a long going problem. Do not hesitate to ask us  for any advice, we will look into other possibilities to adapt the water level regulator to your needs.

Regulateur abreuvoir

NivOmatic can adapt in all situations : On the left, in a feeding trough (photo from a client). Fed by a rain water tank ! The valve can accept low pressure, from 0,8 bar, and can even be fed by an irrigation circuit after a pressure regulator : convenient for fish ponds (see right). NivOmatic is obviously a multi-purpose product !

regulateur bassin

Unique and clever : the OFF function : A classic water level regulator, sealed into the pool surroundings, can hide any eventual leak in the pool, and can therefore waste great amounts of water. NivOmatic, when installed permanently, has been made in order to allow for leak check-ups : if in doubt or periodically, insert the OFF token into its slot in the NivOmatic and do the bucket test (see our article on leak diagnosis). NivOmatic prevents bad surprises !!!

regulateur OFF


The small dimensions of the water level regulator NivOmatic allows it to be used to renovate an old classic regulator. Most of the time, in fact, these old regulators, cannot be repaired ! A cuff is sometimes necessary (only a couple of pounds), but it is a minor difficulty. We can provide you with an extra crimp collar which will enable you to cut and adapt the 2m pipe which is included in the kit. Here are the exact dimensions of the NivOmatic (in mm).

* Some installation schemas :




In a water outlet
In a skimmer
Renovation of a sealed regulator

régulateur de niveau NivOmatique sous caillebotis

The NivOmatic is at its best under the decking of the automatic cover. The water inlet can be used as an overflow system. The special inlet support allows for a precise setting of the water level. Permanent access to the valve gives you a garranty for long term maintenance. This installation, more efficient than the traditional systems, is used by more and more professionals.

Thanks to its clever design,

NivOmatic will find its place in your pool, wether it be a swimming pool, a fountain, a spa, a fish pond, a water reserve …

— tested tap for 200.000 cycles – from 0,5 to 8 bars – supports 316L stainless steel – rapid connection  – english/french notice – unique OFF function, allowing for leak surveillance in the pools – reinforced NivOmatic pipe, anti-UV protection – option : 12m feeding pipe – 3 adjustable metal  supports – spare parts if needed – 2 years warranty – –