The NivOmatic automatic water level regulator can be delivered with all the accessories allowing a fixed or removable installation.

NivOmatic regulator crossing the wall water level regulator fill swimming pool nivomatic automatic basin

NivOmatic can be installed in a wall crossing , placed under the grating of an automatic cover for example. A special stand is included in the kit. This wall crossing, coupled with a PVC pipe and a connection tee, can be used with an appropriate assembly both as a sheath for the supply pipe (see our optional supply kit) and as an overflow. See diagram below (*) . Your automatic cover is completely secure, and the NivOmatic regulator can be dismantled at any time for maintenance, which is not the case with standard regulators.


water level regulator fill pool nivomatic automatic basin

level regulator in skimmer, nivomatic water level regulator filling swimming pool automatic basin nivomatic


You can also install the NivOmatic in a skimmer , thanks to its small dimensions. The supply can be done via the overflow outlet for example (see diagram below (*)). Installation is done by adapting the bracket supplied, in high quality 316L stainless steel (salt pools), or by means of the “through-the-wall” support. The skimmer basket is cleaned by removing the regulation box.

You can also attach the level regulator bracket to the skimmer cover: photos taken by a satisfied customer!


A NivOmatic pipe (option) can be supplied, which adapts to a passage under a protective sheath. A shut-off valve may be installed.


The NivOmatic level regulator can also be placed in most filter blocks , Desjoyaux type or others. Just cut the support provided, and bend it using a pair of pliers. We can advise you, do not hesitate to contact us . The fixed installation pack includes a two meter long supply hose and a standard 3/4 inch connector, plus a quick connector if required. But depending on the needs, our power supply kit (optional, see shop) can allow connection to a water supply up to 15 meters away! The NivOmatic will remain invisible, and will ensure a secure water level

NivOmatic installed in a filter block

NivOmatic can also be installed in an overflow pool , for pools that are equipped with it. The height adjustment is done by adjusting the length of the pipe and by ballasting the control box (on the left, elbow not supplied), or by fixing a support on the wall of the tank (on the right). NivOmatic is not afraid of being completely submerged when the buffer tank is full! Do not hesitate to ask us for advice , we will study with you the possibilities of adapting the NivOmatic level regulator to your pool. A reliable and much cheaper solution than electronic regulators …

Régulateur NivOmatic dans un bac-tampon

Regulateur abreuvoir

NivOmatic adapts to all situations: On the left, in a drinking trough (photo of a customer). Powered by a rainwater recovery tank! The valve supports low pressures, from 0.5 bars, and can even be supplied by an irrigation circuit after a pressure regulator: practical for ornamental ponds (see right). NivOmatic is definitely an all-terrain product!!!

regulateur bassin

Filling level: adjust the height of the box (photo opposite). From 5 to 26cm below the coping for the bracket support, but the box can also be hung lower without clipping it if necessary (overflow pool buffer tank, for example). The supplied 2ml hose allows a very wide adjustment range, beyond that provide the “supply kit” (see shop)

Unique and clever: the OFF function: Conventional regulators, sealed in the beaches, hide any leaks from the pool and can waste a lot of water. NivOmatic, when installed permanently, has therefore been designed to allow diagnosis of leaks: in case of doubt or periodically, insert the OFF token (or a 1€ coin) into the slot of the NivOmatic, and do the water bucket test (see our article opposite on diagnosing leaks). NivOmatic allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises!!!

regulateur OFF


The reduced dimensions of the NivOmatic regulation box allow it to be used for renovation of traditional sealed level regulators when these are defective. Indeed, most of the time, these models are not repairable! A “reducing sleeve” is sometimes necessary (a few euros: the water inlet pipes have different diameters), but this is a minor difficulty. We can provide you with an additional crimp collar which will allow you to cut and adapt the 2m hose included in the kit. Here are the precise dimensions of the NivOmatic case (in mm).

* Some quick installation diagrams:




Crossing the wall
In a skimmer
Renovation of a sealed regulator

régulateur de niveau NivOmatique sous caillebotis

The NivOmatic takes its place under an automatic cover grating. The wall bushing serves as an overflow overflow and a sheath for the supply pipe (see optional supply kit). The mounting bracket for wall penetration allows precise installation of the NivOmatic. Permanent access to the valve constitutes an important guarantee: servicing and maintenance are facilitated. This configuration, more efficient than traditional systems, is used by more and more professionals

Thanks to its clever design

NivOmatic will find its place in your pool, whether it is a swimming pool, a fountain, a spa, an ornamental pond, a storage tank…

– NF valve tested to 200,000 cycles – from 0.5 to 8 bars – 316L stainless steel mounting lugs – quick coupling supplied – bilingual assembly instructions – unique OFF function to monitor pool watertightness – anti-UV reinforced NivOmatic hose – 12m power supply kit option – 3 adjustable mounting brackets – spare parts tracking – 2-year warranty –