Importance of water level in a swimming pool

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Maintaining a constant water level in a swimming pool is more important than it seems, and many pond owners have had the bitter experience of it.

Your pool must be filled so that the water level reaches 2/3 of the skimmers (within a few cm).

It happens that following a violent storm, for example, or tropical rain for some of our customers, the pools are filled beyond the level of the skimmer. In this case, the function of the latter, which consists in collecting all the dirt which settles on the surface of the water, is no longer fulfilled: this dirt ends up sinking, and not only is the pool dirty but also it is more likely to be invaded by a growth of algae, and the water is likely to turn green.

When the pool is not sufficiently filled and the water level is below the skimmers, it is even more annoying. Not only do these no longer fulfill their function (see the consequences above), but the filtration pump may also run empty, depending on whether or not there is a bottom drain in the pool, and that the valve thereof is sufficiently open. And a pump that runs empty is a pump that heats up: the plastic elements that make it up can quickly melt. Your pump is then… ruined! It must be replaced.

If the water level is too low, other consequences are possible: damage to accessories such as an automatic cover, a heat pump, a pH regulation probe or UV sterilization lamps, for example.

It is therefore better to prevent than to cure, and to remain vigilant about the level of filling of your pool. NivOmatic adapts to all swimming pools, and automatically regulates the water level.

level regulator NivOmatic water fill pool basin automatic
NivOmatic automatically keeps the water level in your pool at a constant height

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