Our transportation policy

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Dear clients,

Our transport offer favors Colissimo shipments (or registered mail for elbow fittings and membranes), which are more reliable according to our experience. We maintain – for the moment – a free offer in Mondial Relay delivery point for metropolitan France, hope that we can persist in this direction…

Shipments to overseas departments and territories are made by Colissimo Dom Tom.

Shipments abroad are again carried out by the postal services most often, but sometimes, for isolated places, at a relay point: in Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal, for example, many shipments are returned because distribution services do not go to customers’ homes. Delivery not made, significant delays, customer dissatisfaction when we have done what is necessary: in the end, delivery to a Relay Point is more efficient.

Our policy is not to make a mark-up on transport , which is billed to you at our shipping costs. Our products are in stock, and leave our premises no later than 48 hours after the order is finalized, most often within 24 hours .

Despite our best efforts, we remind you that once the package has left our warehouses, we have little control over it! Contact us in case of difficulty, we will do our best to follow up with you on your order.

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