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How to choose your NivOmatic? “Removable installation”, or “Removable or fixed installation”? Nothing’s easier.
In fact, originally there was only a NivOmatic, the “removable or fixed” version. It suited all uses.
After a few years, we realized that a majority of customers only used the NivOmatic with the angled support, by installing it on the copings. The other two stainless steel supports ended up… in the trash!
In order to avoid this waste of a precious raw material, we have decided to offer two versions: the initial version, “Removable or fixed installation”, and a simplified version, “Removable installation”, delivered with a single support, the square.
In any case, if you have decided to place your NivOmatic on your copings, or if you have an above-ground swimming pool, you will never use the two supports for fixed installation: it is therefore the “Removable installation” model that you can buy.
If, on the other hand, you opt for a fixed installation, or if you are hesitating, choose the “Removable or fixed installation” model: you will thus not only have the bracket supplied with all our devices, but also two other supports allowing you to adapt your NivOmatic inside a skimmer, in a wall crossing, …

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