10 years of existence, and always new!

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Ten years after its birth, NivOmatic continues to innovate…
A new float was designed in 2017 to ensure a more powerful closure of the valve. Its elaborate design allows it to use part of the hydraulic force of the water outlet to lock itself. The number of opening/closing cycles of the valve is reduced, which increases its service life.

The fixing of the valve has been reinforced, because sometimes it could be moved during a somewhat “manly” initial assembly, which could sometimes cause the float to rub.

In addition, at the request of several of our customers, we have added a stainless steel eyebolt to the list of accessories, which ensures better attachment of the NivOmatic to the copings for those who wish. Thus, while most NivOmatic users place it on the copings to avoid any overflow when filling their pool, some need to leave it permanently, sometimes for several weeks, during holidays for example. All they have to do is drill a simple and discreet little hole a few millimeters in diameter in a coping to be able to slide the fixing eyebolt into it. No modification of the aesthetics of the swimming pool, no dowel, no insert, no screw, a simple gesture is enough to install and remove the NivOmatic in a secure way…

We have very few returns in after-sales service, but we analyze each case to understand what happened, and learn from it for the improvement of our product to the greatest satisfaction of the customers, individuals or professionals, who make us confidence. This is undoubtedly one of the causes of our longevity.

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